BrainTek’s Mobile Sound Therapy
Reboots and Balances the Brain in Minutes

As a leader in behavioral sound therapy, BrainTek has developed a safe and relaxing mobile wellness solution that can be used at home, on the job, on vacation… wherever, and whenever the need arises!  After 20 years of researching and analyzing brain patterns, BrainTek Institute developed a unique technology that helps return the brain to balance by addressing the behavior of the areas commonly affected by chemical, electrical and physiological imbalances.

Through their convenient and relaxing 10-minute sound protocols, participants can now balance their brain in an easy and relaxing way. Each protocol is designed to emit proprietary signals formulated to help with specifically targeted issues such as stress, sleep disorders, mood fluctuations, pain management, memory loss and concentration, as well as chemotherapy side effects and jet lag. A complete list of BrainTek Mobile Solutions can be found on the products page.

Without the dangerous side effects associated with over-the-counter and prescription drugs, BrainTek Mobile Solutions offer safe and effective protocols containing encoded sound, vibration and other signals resulting in a unique frequency designed to bring the brain back into balance. These signals are embedded into relaxing music that is accessed over the internet using headphones. The BrainTek Mobile Solutions experience is enjoyable and pleasant, and has been proven time and time again to alleviate many of the challenges associated with behavioral and emotional issues.

BrainTek has helped thousands of people improve their lives, and now they’ve taken to the streets to offer mobile solutions “on the go” for users to stay in control and enjoy well-balanced lives all day, every day.

The products page contains a complete and exciting list of BrainTek Mobile Solutions.



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